Sand Therapy

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Sandplay, Sandbox or Sand Therapy refers to a psychotherapeutic method for children and adults to help release thoughts. Through spontaneous imaginative play in small trays of wet or dry sand, people sculpt the sand and position figurines to create scenes or designs that mediate between their thoughts and what they express. Sandplay therapy is suitable for children and adults and allows them to reach a deeper insight into and resolution of a range of issues in their lives such as deep anger, depression, abuse or grief. Through a safe and supportive process they are able to explore their world using a sandtray and a collection of miniatures. Accessing hidden or previously unexplored areas is often possible using this expressive and creative way of working which does not rely on “talk” therapy. This is becoming a widely used method for helping deal with issues in children and adults. Sandtastik White Play Sand can be purchased from the Categories section to the left under colored sand! We now also carry handmade sand trays, perfect for sand therapy!





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